A Directory of the Congregations & Members

Church Of Christ In Ghana

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does this website belong to a particular congregation or was it initiated by a particular congregation?
    No, this website does not belong to any particular congregation, but rather a collective initiative by some few brethren for the benefit of all members and congregations of the Church of Christ in Ghana.
  2. What is the purpose of this initiative?
    The basic purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive directory of the congregations and members of the Church of Christ in Ghana in a form of networking for the benefit of all.
  3. How is the website updated, and who are responsible for doing so?
    The varied pieces of information required to update this website and thereby meet its purpose or mission and vision come from the members of the congregations of the Church of Christ in Ghana. Even members who live abroad also contribute information to this website, and that indicates how interested they are in this website.
  4. My local congregation does not have its own website. Can this website suffice for the publicisation of my local congregation?
    The varies pieces of information which is collected about a local congregation on this website are more than enough to publicise any local congregation. The pieces of information collected include postal, location and electronic addresses (email address, phone, fax), map of location, name of preacher etc.
  5. What do I need in order to be a part of this initiative?
    You need to be a member of a local congregation in Ghana (or abroad for those interested and willing to contribute information and submit sermons). Also, you need to have a valid email address and a cellphone for the purpose of communication.
  6. Apart from keeping a comprehensive directory of the congregations and members of the Church of Christ in Ghana, what else does this website offer?
    Other services offered include sharing the Word in the form of sermons (you may submit a sermon to the Admin for publication); linking World Bible School (WBS) students to respective local congregations; campaigning for teachers for the WBS; providing information about local Biblical colleges for those who wish to be trained to become preachers; sharing announcements on inter-congregational activities such as lectureships, workshops etc.
  7. As a member of the Church of Christ, are there critical ways I can assist in this initiative?
    There are three critical ways you can assist in this initiative: contribute information on varies aspects addressed on the website; encourage members and congregations to join the website to make the directory more up-to-date; and most importantly, pray to God for guidance, wisdom and knowledge for all those involved in the creation, maintenance and running of this website. A great thing you could do is to request prayers on regular basis for this cause. Please you may not forget that. Even if you could bow down your head right now and say a short prayer in that regard, it will be greatly appreciated. May God bless you.